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Warpaint’s Beauty And Fashion Battle Cry

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Coachella 2011 is under way in the Indio valley, which means music lovers (and hallucinogen enthusiasts) have gathered en masse for some mind-altering fun in the sun. Due to some poor planning, we couldn’t make it out west to enjoy the musical stylings of bands like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Sleigh Bells, Animal Collective, and the Kills. We’re particularly bummed about missing Warpaint, though, L.A.’s all-girl foursome that has become something of an international phenomenon since dropping their album, The Fool, in October—their first offering since officially getting signed last year. “It’s a bit psychedelic,” bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg (pictured above, far left) says of the band’s sound, adding that it can also be “hard at times, and more aggressive.” The seemingly incongruous mix makes for quite the compelling live show, which is helped along by the fact that all four of Warpaint’s members possess that rare double threat of being both super-hot and super-talented. Put simply, these girls can rock—and they do so in relaxed, vintage duds while sporting tousled hair and the occasional bit of makeup. Here, Lindberg breaks down her special brand of “OCD” festival fashion and reveals why multivitamins are clutch for life on the road.

—Celia Ellenberg

Being based in L.A., I’m assuming you’ve been to Coachella before. But this is your first year actually playing it. How does that feel?

I’m excited. I’ve been to Coachella many times—it’s kind of a Los Angeles festival. And we’ve been an L.A.-based band for about seven years, so it’s nice to finally be playing. Two years ago, I was on mushrooms and I was watching the Cure and crying—I had a great time. I love the Cure—I grew up listening to them. That was the one band that I had posters of all over my wall. It was really nostalgic.

Sounds like it. Are there any bands you’re psyched to see this year?

We just got off tour for a month so I haven’t decided if I’m going to stay the whole weekend. But I rented a car so I can leave when I want. I’ve never seen PJ Harvey so that could be cool. And Arcade Fire—they put on such a good live show. I’m most excited to venture into the smaller tents and listen to things I’ve never heard before.

You guys have been touring a lot recently. How does that work seeing as how it’s just girls on the bus? Do you guys share clothes and stuff?

We all just kind of get in our outfits and we end up having those clothes on for a while. There’s not really a lot of sharing. We all have our own individual style, what we like. We share makeup more than anything—like, hey, can I use your lipstick?

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t want to say that I’m a vintage girl, because I’m not. I don’t really like shopping all that much—searching through things. That doesn’t get me off any more. We did this NME cover and they brought a lot of AllSaints stuff and I had never even heard of them before. I really liked the simple stuff they had there but I’m more into things that I feel like no one else has. That’s why I started sewing when I was 19. If I could sew and make music it’d be great. But the music thing kind of takes over.

Are there certain one-of-a-kind pieces you’re coveting right now?

Well, I love red and blue. For some reason I like color-coordinating or pattern-coordinating almost in an OCD way. I’ll be wearing the most sloppy thing, but I’ll try to match my blue Adidas sweatpants to my blue Converse. And, like, a red and gray striped shirt with striped socks. There has to be some sort of congruency going on with the outfit.

Are you just as into color-coordinating with makeup?

For me it’s really just Maybelline brown eyeliner. You can get it at Rite Aid. I use it on my eyes and on my lips to tint them a little bit and leave it matte. Sometimes I wear mascara, but sometimes I don’t because I fall asleep with it on and I don’t like that vibe. I’m a big facial girl. I think they’re important.

So skincare’s your thing. How do you keep up a good regimen in those tiny little tour bus bathrooms?!

I try to keep up with the preventive measures as much as possible. A facialist talked me into buying this gel cleanser from Epicuren. I also use this milk cleanser wash and a smoothing lotion from Weleda. That’s in the morning. At night I use a Weleda firming cream and this chamomile eye cream. That’s something I do religiously on tour.

Let’s talk hair. You had long flowing locks last spring; by summer they were gone. What inspired the shearing?

I shaved all of my hair last July and I just left a little Chelsea girl bang! My friends cut it a little at first, but my sister was like, let’s just go for it. Any hairstyle can be cute if you’re confident. But now it’s growing out. I take omega-3s and folic acid every day and that seems to be helping. I told myself that I was going to own every in-between stage [of the regrowth process] but for now it’s been beanies galore. And scarves. My acupuncturist recommended that I start taking a multivitamin, too. Last tour everyone got sick but me and my tour manager, who was also taking the vitamins.

Do you have any style or beauty icons?

Not really. I never really wanted to emulate anyone’s style and just wanted to figure out what my style was. But I saw Patti Smith the other night before I left for tour and I was like, damn. She just looks so rad. That lady is really cool. I haven’t felt that in a while.

What are you looking forward to now that festival season is officially upon us?

I’m really looking forward to going to Spain—to Barcelona. We’re playing Primavera. And we’re playing a festival in Poland, too. Stella is from Poland and we have a few days off there. We just got added to a Milan festival which is cool because we’ve never played Italy before—and Japan. We’re doing Fuji Rock, which I’m really excited about. There’s also a lot of the same bands, and it’s always nice to see familiar faces. It’s comforting. We run into Yeasayer and Edward Sharpe a lot.

Do you have any advice for first-timers who are in-it-to-win-it this weekend?

Sunblock, water, good company—and maybe some good shoes if you’re going to be dancing.

Photo: Courtesy of Beggars Group
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