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Remember last month when we spotlighted Kristina Salinovic’s super-sweet fade and pointed out that we thought it might be contributing to her stellar season so far? Well, it seems as though Nicola Formichetti feels similarly. Not only did the Mugler designer have the Croatian stunner open his highly anticipated Fall women’s show—his first for the house—he seems to have instructed coiffing star Sam McKnight to mimic the front of her now statement, side-parted crop on the 20 girls that came out behind her. Both black and blond varieties made cameos, calling to mind Salinovic’s recent appearance in Love’s androgyny issue, in which she sports a platinum streak down her otherwise raven-hued locks. As for the rest of the models, they received either bleached, gelled-up fan shapes protruding above their ears or long, middle-parted bangs left out and dangling loose below the chin. All 35 of them were given long, mid-back grazing ponytails as well, except, of course, for one lone catwalker. Lady Gaga got two ponytails worn as pigtails, which the she whipped back and forth with a bravado possessed by her alone.

Photo: Filippo Fior / GoRunway.com; Becky Maynes / Courtesy of Minx
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“Please drink with straws!” came the desperate pleas from casting directors backstage at Rick Owens, where makeup artist Lucia Pieroni was painting on a painstakingly perfect red lip. “It’s 80 percent glamour, 20 percent spooky,” Pieroni said of the look—the outline of MAC Lip Pencil in Redd and the slashing of its Lipstick in Lady Danger being the glamorous part, and the bleached brows acting as the spooky bit. “I’ve been kind of getting into the bushy, Brooke Shields brows [this season] because we’re so used to seeing bleach,” she went on, adding her two cents to the season’s ongoing brow discourse. “But it’s not really about trends, it’s about what looks good,” she continued, referencing her blocked-out arches that, to be fair, worked well with the bevy of hoods Owens sent out onto the runway. We actually appreciated the technique here, because with Luigi Murenu’s structured, “modern couture,” slicked-back coifs and the abundance of nun habits-cum-haute headgear, peering into an eerily bare face with nothing except a vivid crimson lip just seemed to make sense. The downside of brow bleaching, however—that it can strip girls of their personality and instead render them a unified, extraterrestrial tribe—became abundantly clear when we crossed paths with Karlie Kloss. There’s usually no missing Kloss—her towering six-foot stature, stunning bone structure, and winning smile typically put her heads and shoulders above crowds of her cohorts. We actually had to do a double take to realize it was her, though, as without those signature dark, pointed brows, she’s just—dare we say—another model. Luckily, her inimitable walk made it easy to identify her once the show finally started.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri / GoRunway.com
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Remember last summer when Tyra Banks was threatening to create a Web site to “provide [her] audience with inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best”? Well, she wasn’t bluffing. TypeF launched today, with a whole “Beauty School” section replete with quizzes to help you find the right red lipstick, apply a smoky eye, and “detangle your mane.” It’s pretty smart, actually—which should come as no surprise from a newly enrolled Harvard University Business School student. [TypeF]

File this under no f-ing way. Al-Fajr, a jihadist media distribution outlet, has just debuted a new women’s magazine for female terrorists called Al-Shamikha, which contains all the usual fashion mag tidbits—including beauty tips—albeit with a slightly more, er, hostile tone. [Wired]

That blue Issa wrap dress is sold out across the globe, and now Kate Middleton’s perfect blow-out is inspiring imitators at her go-to London salon, where customers are asking for the “Kate.” Suffice it to say, there will be a mad rush on knockoffs of whatever wedding dress she chooses for the big day (we hope it’s McQueen!). [People]

Speaking of the soon-to-be princess, Middleton is inspiring nail trends, too. One fanatical royal-watcher had the Mario Testino-lensed portrait of Wills and Kate transposed onto nail overlays. Creepy—but also maybe a little awesome? [BellaSugar Australia]

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Another day, another digital retouching mishap. Today’s offender is InStyle, which has chopped off half of Tina Fey’s torso on its latest cover, as well as erasing any signs that the comedienne has ever smiled, frowned, laughed, or scowled in her entire life. Oops. [Daily Mail]

A magic marker-shaped handheld device that injects a very cold material through small needles to smooth facial wrinkles, without the need for a Botox vial? If pharmaceutical company MyoScience’s negotiations with the FDA continue to go well, it could come true. [WSJ]

Bad news, hipster hair lovers of the world: The trend reports for guys’ tresses are in, and it looks like high, tight, short, and sheared are going to be Fall’s buzz words. Hopefully beards won’t experience the same misfortune (we’ve got a thing for facial hair). [Telegraph]

The royal wedding is about a month away, which means reports on Kate Middleton’s big day beauty regimen are heating up. The latest news is that she has joined her mother Carole’s embrace of the popular French Dukan diet to shed a few pre-wedding pounds. Couple this with a new book by Dr. Pierre Dukan written in English set to hit newsstands in May, and the four-stage, lean-protein meal plan has universal fad written all over it. [Weight World]

Photo: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
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Friday, 11 March 2011 10:51

Toast Of The Town

Ever since Margot Elena Wells launched Love & Toast in 2009 with a six-scent range of ridiculously adorable natural hand creams, solid perfumes, and lip glosses, we have had one burning question: When will there be more products for us to stockpile? Wells, the beauty entrepreneur and self-taught illustrator (that’s her handiwork on all the packaging) behind the equally gorgeous brands Lollia and TokyoMilk, has a knack for conjuring up the kind of stuff we adore. We’re happy to report that Love & Toast’s new, expanded collection was well worth the wait. Divided into bodycare—which includes a lotion, sugar scrub, shower crème, and emollient butter—daily or rich shampoos and conditioners, and pigmented lip butters and glazes, the range has a number of standouts that will have you clearing some space on the vanity. The purse-size Salt N Sea-scented body butter is a shea-rich hydrator ideal for dry patches and cracked elbows and heels; the Rich shampoo and conditioner, which use red clover extract and avocado, respectively, work wonders for dull, lackluster hair; and the Clementine sugar scrub is a gentle exfoliator that packs a juicy, tangy smell for an eye-opening effect during those groggy early-morning showers. —Fiorella Valdesolo

Photo: Courtesy of Love + Toast
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There’s one silver lining around this seemingly never-ending winter: The mountains are still good and snowy. To alleviate my city blahs, I tagged along on a snowboarding trip to Windham in upstate New York recently, where I ran into pro surfer Monyca Byrne-Wickey. Commence hair envy. A Hawaii native, Byrne-Wickey can shred the pow but is more well-known for her wave-riding abilities, thanks to a slot on Nike’s 6.0 surf team and the kind of long, golden locks befitting someone who spends so much time in the water; she literally looks like a living, breathing mermaid—with legs, of course. Byrne-Wickey recently added “design consultant” to her enviable list of attributes, lending a hand to Nike’s new Malibu Collection from its premium 6.0 line, which launches on April 15. That’s her at left, sporting the Brazilian Tempo / Twist bikini—and said mermaid hair. As someone who wraps up every summer season with strands the texture of straw, I had to find out the secret to Byrne-Wickey’s silky tresses. Here, she dishes on her saltwater mane maintenance, waterproof sunscreen that works, and bikinis that are “cute and perform!” —Maya Singer

I think I’ve had dreams about your hair. How do you keep it so healthy?

When surfing, I try to keep my hair down to avoid tearing it in a hair tie. When I finish, I’ll spray on some leave-in conditioner and twist it in a bun. At night, after I shower, I like to comb in MoroccanOil. I love it because it really heals my dried-out ends and when I wake up, my hair is nice and smooth.

Obviously, surfing keeps you in great shape, but are there are other things you do to stay fit? What about when you’re traveling?

I do a bit of yoga and jog in the mornings. When I’m traveling, I mostly just do yoga because I’m not super-comfortable running in unfamiliar areas.

What about your skin? You’re constantly in the sun—do you wear sunscreen?

Yes! I always use sunscreen—so important. I use Doc Martins as a base and then put Vertra sunscreen stick on top of that. It will last about three hours in intense sunlight if you don’t rub it in. I’ll reapply both if I decide to go out surfing again. I also apply moisturizer every night before bed—I look for something natural that’s not too heavy. As for cleansers, I like to mix it up but really like Tea Tree Oil Foam Cleansers.

You’ve been advising Nike 6.0 on the design of its women’s surf and leisure apparel. What kinds of things were you looking for in those pieces, both in terms of style and functionality?

For surfwear, I wanted the pieces to be tight to avoid falling off while surfing but I also stressed comfort. I prefer bikini tops that tie down on my back for a secure fit, not the kind that tie behind my neck. I need them to be cute and perform! For leisurewear, I suggested a slouchier, boyfriendlike fit for the T-shirts and dresses. I stressed the use of feel-good fabrics while still being fashion-forward, again, reinforcing the importance of being comfortable but looking good.

Is that your general approach to beauty and fashion in your own life a well?

[With makeup] I like to keep it natural. At home I hardly ever wear it, but focus on taking good care of my skin and hair. I don’t get very many opportunities to get dressed up, but when I do, I love pretty dresses—all kinds!—mascara, and a bit of blush.

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Sunday, 06 March 2011 12:36

Pink Eye Is Pretty

There’s so much beauty happening in photographer Sebastian Kim’s gorgeous spread in the new issue of Numéro, it’s hard to know where to begin. Best to start at the top, then, and work our way down. How do you make deep, side-parted marcel waves modern? By coating them in gray-tinged hair powder, of course. It’s a technique we spied backstage at Thakoon’s Fall 2010 show, when coiffing star Eugene Souleiman employed copious amounts of talc to complement strong brows and a minimally painted face. We would’ve thought it ill-advised to add a complex makeup look to such intricately styled hair. But then we laid eyes on Nimue Smit’s berry-brushed lids, matte wine-stained mouth, and similarly colored moon manicure—all of which serve to heighten the hauntingly beautiful effect of her sculpted silver set. Thoughts on the Dutch stunner’s latest turn in front of the camera?

Photo: Sebastian Kim for Numéro #122, April 2011
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Emerging rock star Sky Ferreira is known as much for her long, tawny mane as her pop vocal stylings. But the East Village-by-way-of-L.A. transplant threw fans—ourselves included—for a loop last night at the after-party for Scream 4’s New York premiere with newly dyed purple hair. Ferreira’s dark roots now meld into streaks of deep violet, dusty rose, and mauve for an off-kilter ombré effect. We’ve grown slightly tired of the pastel pieces that have shown up on the runway and red-carpet since Proenza Schouler’s much discussed Spring 2010 show, but this we like. What about you?

Photo: Larry Busacca / Getty Images; Jason Kempin / Getty Images
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Tuesday, 22 February 2011 01:55

Solano Brushes Up

When it comes to hot tools, Solano is basically hair-dryer royalty. One need only settle into a chair at any number of the city’s frequently name-checked salons to hear the sleek, turbo-charged dryers whirring en masse. With blow-dryer domination achieved, the brand is out to conquer another hair horizon: brushes. Each of the handhelds in its new Platinum Gel Grip collection uses a fusion of ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technology to optimize your blow-outs, helping hair dry faster and smoother, while imparting extra shine. The sturdy but gentle bristles are designed specifically to tread lightly on colored and highlighted hair, too, which helps prevent breakage. Our favorite feature of Solano’s latest tool set has got to be the platinum gel handles, though, which offer a cushiony grip and an ergonomically friendly design that really helps to relieve the stress on wrists when overzealous drying commences. Getting carpal tunnel while fighting frizz can be avoided! —Fiorella Valdesolo

Photo: Courtesy of Solano
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Saturday, 30 April 2011 14:29

Old Hollywood Glamour Takes Tribeca

When we last checked in with model and Elvis spawn Riley Keough, she had just sheared off her glorious, tawny mane, dyed it brown, and was in a semi-awkward stage of re-growth post-pixie cut. Fast-forward four months, and Keough’s hair is longer—and platinum. Four weeks after turning up at a Tribeca Film Festival kickoff party in L.A. with a mop top of dark chestnut ringlets, the budding actress showcased a Veronica Lake-like bob at the Tribeca premiere of The Good Doctor this weekend, her ivory skin and quintessential red lip still intact. So, which is it: better off blonde or brunette?

Photo: Joe Kohen/ Getty Images; Chris Weeks/ Getty Images
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