How to Fix Blotchy Skin

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A seemingly perfect face without pimples and dark spots can also have its own flaws, one of those annoying patches on the skin that’s found here and there and just don’t disappear. A skin problem that can be worse than a pimple adorned face is a face with those ugly red blotches appearing in the worst part of the skin.

You can always cover them up using makeup but you can’t rely on makeup forever. So here, we list out some of the easy ways to fix them without the use of makeup, of course!

The biggest reason that causes blotches on the skin is exposure to sun. So make sure you do everything to protect your skin from the harsh rays. A good sunscreen must do a good job in keeping your skin from the sun rays. But this measure is only to prevent one. If you already have one, There’s a good way to treat it. All you need is a little recipe for  a good facial mask that would drive away the blotches permanently!

Blend egg white along with a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl. Cleanse your face with warm water and gently dab your face dry. Now apply the face mask that you’ve prepared evenly on your face and leave on for the rest of the night. The minimum time required is 15 minutes, but it can stretch for a night for best results.

But if this does not work with you and would rather go for makeup, here are some tips to conceal it effectively. You have to remember that since the blotches are already pinkish, you have to stay away from pink shades at all cost. If possible, stay away from bronze too, since bronze and pink blotch just don’t gel!

It would be a good choice to go for a yellow shade or a good foundation of your skin color that would easily cover up the red patches.

The best combination would be a foundation of a beige or yellow color, or a shade that is close to your skin color and a final layer of a concealer of green shade. You can try applying another light layer of foundation over it to blend them perfectly. Finish up the rest of your makeup and the blotch is perfectly concealed!!

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