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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 05:17

How to Fix Blotchy Skin

A seemingly perfect face without pimples and dark spots can also have its own flaws, one of those annoying patches on the skin that’s found here and there and just don’t disappear. A skin problem that can be worse than a pimple adorned face is a face with those ugly red blotches appearing in the worst part of the skin.

You can always cover them up using makeup but you can’t rely on makeup forever. So here, we list out some of the easy ways to fix them without the use of makeup, of course!

The biggest reason that causes blotches on the skin is exposure to sun. So make sure you do everything to protect your skin from the harsh rays. A good sunscreen must do a good job in keeping your skin from the sun rays. But this measure is only to prevent one. If you already have one, There’s a good way to treat it. All you need is a little recipe for  a good facial mask that would drive away the blotches permanently!

Blend egg white along with a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl. Cleanse your face with warm water and gently dab your face dry. Now apply the face mask that you’ve prepared evenly on your face and leave on for the rest of the night. The minimum time required is 15 minutes, but it can stretch for a night for best results.

But if this does not work with you and would rather go for makeup, here are some tips to conceal it effectively. You have to remember that since the blotches are already pinkish, you have to stay away from pink shades at all cost. If possible, stay away from bronze too, since bronze and pink blotch just don’t gel!

It would be a good choice to go for a yellow shade or a good foundation of your skin color that would easily cover up the red patches.

The best combination would be a foundation of a beige or yellow color, or a shade that is close to your skin color and a final layer of a concealer of green shade. You can try applying another light layer of foundation over it to blend them perfectly. Finish up the rest of your makeup and the blotch is perfectly concealed!!

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Bridal makeup is very different from every day makeup. After deciding on the perfect wedding gown and other wedding accessories a bride should turn her attention to the wedding day makeup. The right kind of makeup can make any bride look stunning.

Before deciding on the type of makeup you are planning to wear on your wedding day, you need to make your skin look super smooth and glowing. Blotchy skin or skin eruptions can spoil your entire look. The secrets to a glowing skin are a healthy diet, adequate exercise and drinking plenty of water.

A strict regimen where these three factors are religiously followed, at least a couple of months before your D-Day, can assure you of a wonderfully healthy and luminous skin. To improve the general skin quality, go in for organic facials and some relaxing massages as well.

On your wedding day, your skin tone is evened out with foundation. Liquid foundations are ideal for women with dry skin, while a powder foundation can be applied for normal to oily skin. The foundation should be blended thoroughly so that it does not look patchy.

After applying foundation, concealer is used to hide any under eye dark circles. The concealer you apply should match your skin tone. Once the foundation and concealer are in place you begin with your eye makeup. Wedding day eye makeup should light up your eyes and make them look absolutely gorgeous.

Eye shadow which acts as the perfect foil to your unique eye color is applied first. Eye shadows in taupe and ivory shades look best on your wedding day. Avoid eye shadows in metallic colors. Define your eyes with an eyeliner. Here again you can choose between pencil and liquid eyeliners.

Draw further attention to your beautiful eyes with a coat of mascara. There is nothing more alluring than thick curling lashes. Mascara can also give your eyes a wide open look. A hint of color on your cheeks can turn you into the typical blushing bride. Blushes in rosy or peachy hues are best for your wedding day. Subtlety is the keyword for your entire wedding makeup.

For a sensuous mouth, apply long lasting transfer resistant lipstick, with a touch of lip gloss for some added sparkle. To get your perfect wedding makeup look, it is best to hire a professional makeup artist.

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A gel or water based cosmetic product, a lip stain is an ingenious product which has been designed to give long lasting color. The lip stain is created in such a way, that it can resist wear of all kind.

Lip stains are wax free products which may contain alcohol. Available in different colors, application types and formulas, the lip stain is the current rage among the fashion conscious crowd.

Lip stain is a cosmetic product which can be applied easily and which will complement the wearer. The basic plan behind lip stains are that you can retain the lip color for longer periods of time without the hassle off having to  go in for constant touch ups. Lip stains basically soak the lips with color which is  made from dye and not wax. Lip stains will help you to retain your perfect little pout for hours on end and look your charming best without any color distortion.

Today lip stains are available in a variety of formulas including marker tips, gel pumps, cream or pot based and brush on colors. The waterproof lip stain ensures that the color does not smudge, stain or come onto the teeth. The lip stain color also gives an even color distribution to the lips.

Available in a kaleidoscopic range of colors, the popular lip stain colors are available in variations of brown and red colors. Even extraordinary shades like green, blue and black are also available in the lip stain color range. Lip stain gives a rich color to the lips but without any shine. Lip stains can be combined with lip plumper for a poutier look. For a glossy look, combine lip stains with lip gloss and other high shine lipsticks.

If you are looking for a low maintenance lip coloring product, the lip stains are the answers to your prayers. Lip stains can be applied for any occasion from a night out at the club to a wedding. Lip stains help you to get a more natural look in a jiffy.

To get the best out of lip stains, you need to first exfoliate your lips and follow it up with an even application of a hydrating lip moisturizer. Then shake the lip stain tube or jar well and apply quickly and evenly on the lips for a beautiful long lasting color.

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Thursday, 03 February 2011 07:29

YSL, Water Bearer

Eye shadow is tricky business. Sure, it’s inviting—all those pretty colors!—but once you get them home, the bright pigment pots often seem easier to collect than to actually wear. Truth is, the powder formulas are seriously versatile: You can put them on sheer, build them up for opacity, blend them with other colors, drag them underneath the lower lash line for drama, or—our personal favorite—apply them wet like a cream as a liner. It’s the lattermost point that YSL picked up on with its new Pure Chromatics collection. Formulated with water to allow for an extra concentration of pearly pigments, the six different eye shadow quads can go on dry, but also have what the brand has termed “water memory.” Applying them wet ignites their core ingredient and intensifies the color. Wear each palette individually, or mix and match, like YSL international makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds did on catwalking queen and YSL face Arizona Muse. If that picture doesn’t sell you, maybe this will: The gold cases come with two double-sided brushes, one of which is rubberized and features a pointed tip, making it the perfect tool for becoming well versed in the shadow-as-liner phenomenon.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute
Published in Beauty
Saturday, 19 March 2011 13:20

Pucker Up For Summer

A gorgeous spring day in New York yesterday has us convinced that winter is officially over—a hard thing to wrap our brains around after a very long cold stretch. Even more difficult to comprehend: Summer color collections are hitting shelves right now. We’re not quite prepared to break out the electric pink lipsticks that we reserve for evening functions in 80-degree weather, but the latest pout offerings from NARS sure are helping us get into that headspace. First up is Carthage, a very festive new shade of the editor’s-favorite (this editor, specifically) Pure Matte Lipstick collection. Volga, a deep aubergine, and the limited-edition sandy rose, 413 Bleecker, already have permanent places in our makeup bag, and it’s likely that Carthage, with its super-saturated, no-shine fuchsia finish, will join them very shortly. Until then, though, we’re really enjoying Mayflower, a sheer shimmering raspberry—the same shade, coincidentally, that Molly Stern slicked onto Anne Hathaway’s mouth for the Rio premiere last weekend. It’s a very neutral, transitional color that is helping us get excited about wearing makeup again. Winter’s multiple blizzards may have broken our spirit there for a bit, but we’re bouncing back like champs.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics
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Monday, 04 April 2011 01:07

YSL Wants Candy

Since accepting lipstick into our lives back in 2008, we’ve all but given up gloss. A “glossy balm,” however, is a different story. YSL’s new Volupté Sheer Candy brands itself as such, packing the shine of a gloss and the emollient moisture of a balm into one new edition of the brand’s highly stylized Rouge Volupté lipstick bullets. There are six sweet-smelling shades to choose from, each inspired by summer fruit: Lush Coconut is a shimmering beige; Dewy Papaya, a light peach; Juicy Grapefruit a pale pink (and our personal favorite); Succulent Pomegranate, a bright fuchsia; Mouthwatering Berry, a dark purple; and Luscious Cherry, a pinkish red with golden shimmer. All of them are incredibly transparent, so even the darkest of the bunch glides on with just a subtle hint of gorgeous color. All of this is well and good, but even better is pulling this baby out of your purse. Its white gold tube and rose gold detailing will make going back to that plain old tube of Chapstick pretty difficult.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute
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Saturday, 12 March 2011 22:28

Singing Summer’s Siren Call

As if we weren’t already impatient for summer to arrive in New York (dreams of strappy wedges, cutoffs, and a jacket-less existence keep us up at night these days), Vogue Russia had to go and do this. Yes, Kate Netolicka’s insane bod and enviable deep tan in this spread from the glossy’s May issue border on infuriating. But mostly, they just serve as a sizzling reminder of how much more fun you can have with your beauty routine when the weather warms up. A lacquered, neon orange pout and 3-D jewel-encrusted gold tips? Yes, we will. If you want to make like editorial makeup artist Roshar and do a little pre-gaming before the sun actually makes its triumphant return, a slick of NARS Lipstick in Heatwave topped off with its new Lipgloss in Wonder should be good practice. What summer beauty essential are you desperate to work back into your routine?

Photo: Jamie Nelson for Vogue Russia, May 20111
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Thursday, 14 April 2011 05:05

Topshop Beauty Is Ready For Spring

If, like us, you too are revving up your spring wardrobe for the temperature spike that is to come—a pair of sandals here, a flowy skirt there—Topshop is presumably on your agenda. Now that its spring/summer makeup collection is officially on shelves, you may want to push the store straight to the top of your shopping list. The brand’s limited-edition seasonal trend collection, Sandstorm, is festival-focused again this year, but rather than hone in on the aesthetics of Glastonbury, Topshop’s creative team had Burning Man on the brain. The spirit quest that takes place in the Nevada desert each August has inspired a series of dusty metallic and muted brights for eyes, nails, and lips. Standouts include the Gloss Stick in Ablaze (a sheer coral) and Glisten (a pretty fuchsia), both of which feature a buildable texture for adjustable vibrancy—and are neither overtly hippie nor excessively psychedelic. The real story, though, is the boatload of new additions to the retail giant’s core collection. Included in the mix are six new shades of its highly pigmented Lips lipstick range (Muted is a great alternative to peachier nudes); four new Lip Stick glossy pout pencils (our vote goes to Rapturous, an orange red); a new, gel-formulated Lip and Cheek tint in Bitten Berry; and seven new shades of nail polish, including World’s End, a fun baby blue, and War Paint, an electric cerise. Topshop has also created a super-convenient tub of disposable nail varnish remover wipes so you can switch up your color (or remove a manicure that’s past its prime) on an elevator ride—or on an acid trip in the Black Rock Desert.—Celia Ellenberg

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 19:48

Ultraflesh Arrives With A Roar

We first caught wind of Ultraflesh, Studio BeautyMix founder Robin Coe-Hutshing’s new makeup line, back in October, when she and partner Nicole Ostoya quietly released a mascara. But this wasn’t just any mascara. Volumizing and super-long-wearing, the black glossy pigment came packaged in a dual-ended tube featuring a comb on one end as an alternative to the classic brush, and a panther head cap on the other. Intended as an attention-getter to create buzz, the product served its purpose. Now, with a growing fan base, Coe-Hutshing and Ostoya have just unleashed the next phase of Ultraflesh at Sephora. The collection includes a number of sleekly designed, swing-out compacts like Black Magic, which contains three different eyeliners as well as two mini pencils and a pro-liner brush; Bronze Metalika, with three different contouring options and two highlighting pencils; and the Shine Box Shimmer, which showcases three creamy illuminating palettes and two special effects pencils. A Lip Gloss equipped with a revolutionary, airless tube that delivers a single application of emollient gloss in one click—without ever allowing bacteria to reach the pigment—rounds things out. It’s available in eight high-shine shades. This is just the beginning, though. A face and body decorating kit (that comes with stencils!) and a host of Ninja Star compacts with detachable necklace charms are still to come. If you’ve ever wondered how best to implement the “keep them wanting more” business tactic, this is how it’s done.

Photo: Courtesy of Ultraflesh
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Saturday, 12 February 2011 12:04

Nars&#8217; <em>Makeup Your Mind</em>, Take Two

François Nars is having a big 2011. The famed face painter worked his magic backstage at Marc Jacobs in February, crafting a look reminiscent of a “grandmother who’s a bit eccentric,” and opened his first U.S. flagship on Bleecker Street in March. Next week holds yet another exciting milestone for Mr. Nars: the launch of his newest book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, the sequel to his 2001 instructional tome of the same name. The new version is similar in concept to the first—there are before-and-after shots with an acetate insert between the two detailing exactly where makeup was applied. But Nars has taken his penchant for photography to the next level with the 2.0 edition, street-casting 60 “models” from the mean (and yet still highly attractive) streets of New York. The book debuts on Monday (click here to get on the wait list), along with three limited-edition palettes for eyes, lips, and cheeks, which will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom, so you can play makeup artist as you read along.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics
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