Written by Ren

Steep chunky wedges and feminine floaty dresses are a darling combination as seen here for Grey magazine's Spring / Summer 2011 edition. Victoire Mac-Dauxerre wears enhanced collars, capri pants and patchwork rainbow coloured fabric with feminine ease. You can view these photos in full after the jump.

Victoire Mac Dauxerre feminine wedges

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Written by Katie Wright

You know you've got a hot ticket on your hands at London fashion week when you find yourself schlepping halfway across the city to get to the venue. That's what those of us who aren't quite important enough to have a chauffeur driven Mercedes had to do to get to Christopher Kane's autumn / fall 2011 show on Monday morning. Lesser designers wouldn't dare to position themselves so far away from the main drag lest they deter the public transport-averse fashion pack from attending. No such problem for Mr Kane. The likes of Anna Wintour, Emmanuelle Alt and Daphne Guinness assembled in the far from glamorous surrounds of a concrete basement in west London for one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week.

Why so much anticipation? Simply because Kane's collections have been so consistently strong since his debut in 2006. Often, this strength lies in taking an ostensibly dowdy starting point - last season it was prim and proper Princess Margaret - and turning it on its head. Likewise, today the show opened with the kind of square blanket crochet that you'd sooner expect to see on your Grandma's sofa. It was transformed into surprisingly chic black and blue knee length skirts and even meshed with one of Kane's perennial winter favourites, black leather.

arizona muse at christopher kane

But the crochet motif was just for starters. The bread and butter of the collection was a glut of black knee-length dresses, elevated to seductive sci-fi territory with the addition of panels and edges of curvy plastic strips in bluey-green and pinky-purple lava lamp tones. Sheer panels, low-cut backs and midriff cut-outs added extra sex appeal. Kicking into even higher gear, the show closed with half a dozen transparent sequin-covered dresses in pale degradé mauve and sea green. The overall effect was of the most exquisite bubble wrap you've ever seen, enhanced with more of those liquid latex squiggles. And with that, it's probably safe to say that thanks to securing another superbly executed collection under his belt, the golden boy of London Fashion Week can carry on staging his shows in as far-flung destinations as he likes.

Written by Ren

You will be drawn into a pool side holiday when you view this campaign featuring Angela Lindvall for 7 For All Mankind. There are many versions of the capri pants seen in fashion publications at the moment as it is a prevalent 2011 fashion trend, however this is one version that stands out with its comfortable and deluxe cut.

7 For all mankind capri pants

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Written by Tania Braukamper

Gucci has a way of stopping traffic, even before they unveil a collection. That's the result of having such a big event in what, at least traffic wise, is too small a location. Without any sizeable footpath, guests of the shows (they host two at Milan fashion week, back to back) compete with cars for road space on these typically Milanese streets and there's a lot of horns, bluster, and a grid lock.

Inside the imposing facade of the Sheraton, however, it's a different story. The energy that is outside turns to anticipation as we wait to see what's taken hold of Frida Giannini's imagination this season. The answer, as becomes apparent quite quickly, is the 1970s. For fall 2011, Frida has taken the 70s revival as we've been seeing it, and - tired of it's earthy, sepia tones - painted it with a boldly coloured brush. And it's not just the colours that are indulgent: the collection is no-holds-barred on reptile skin, leather, velvet, and fur.

Gucci A/W '11

With Anjelica Huston in mind, Gucci's collection is a romp through the usual sophisticated 70s suspects: bow blouses, wide leg pants, wide-brimmed hats, and oversized sunglasses, with a forties slant that gives it a silver screen glamour appeal. Accessories this season are similarly bold and ostentatiously luxurious, from jewel-toned structured handbags to towering python heels.

The latter half of the collection is stripped of the layers and swathed in sheer chiffon. In a way, it's uncharacteristically pretty for one of Frida's fall offerings. Or rather, it's not that the femininity of the clothing is uncharacteristic, but that the feminine dresses are such a dominant part of the showing. Pretty need not resort to demure however: Frida can do rosettes and ruffles in volumes and still it's sexy, slick, and very Gucci. That comes down to the billowing sheer skirts, thigh-high slits, and plunging necklines. And boy oh boy, do these dresses turn heads.

Click on the gallery below to view more pictures from the Gucci fall 2011 runway. You can also take in our video of Gucci's closing walk by following that link.

Written by Ren

The workmanship of some of the worlds most luxurious fashion houses is evident in this shoot for Numero Tokyo's March 2011 issue. Naty Chabanenko shows off dresses and shoes with tassels and immaculately tailored pieces with different elements and layers. This is one shoot that is worth viewing in close detail, you can do so after the jump.

Naty Chabanenko

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