Here is some help for those women who are not comfortable with how they look, or those who lack confidence simply because of their appearance or the ones looking for help on improving self body image.

It is quite a woman’s psychology to always feel that they are lacking somewhere in their looks, which puts them on a constant hunt to make changes to their wardrobe and lifestyle.

Self body image implies our imagination or perception about how our bodies look, and it is something that keeps changing ever so often with changes in our disposition, surroundings and physical experiences. More than anything it is our self-esteem that plays a vital part in forming our body image.

The first and the very basic step towards better body image of oneself, is by being aware of ones body proportions and still not trying to compare it with the body framework of other people. You can enhance the more lovable parts of your body, by wearing clothes that not just fit you but rather flatter your body, and that is possible only when you are well aware of what your body shape and type is.

Don’t ever be disheartened if the manufactured garments don’t fit you perfectly, because every single human being has a different body structure, and it is quite bizarre to think that all human beings can be fitted into those selected hundred odd sizes which are manufactured by the big brands.

Instead there things that can help you in accepting your body as it is and feel confident about your body image. The first step towards a better self body image is to be realistic and understand the fact that your body shape depends on your genes and your age, which makes it difficult to alter the shape of your body. It always goes a long way, to know which body parts of yours seem more beautiful to you, as you can always enhance the beauty of these parts with the use of clothing, make-up, jewelry or fashion accessories.

You don’t need to go on to crash diet, instead stick around to eating healthy and giving your body some regular exercise so that your body remains fit and you can carry yourself in a more elegant posture. And above all the key mantra to a better body image is to begin accepting your body the way it is and stop making comparisons with others especially with your role models and celebrities.

Written by Daniel P Dykes

It may have been another of the autumn 2011 shows to work in the season's on-trend statement reds and faux fur, but John Rocha's London fashion week showing will be remembered by those in attendance for its blacks, its copious fabrics and its intricate hair braiding, all of which worked to set the show apart.

Thankfully the latter two of the show's standout qualities weren't lavished upon its menswear component. While the use of tumbled yarn and tufted threads was kept at a minimum for men, each pieces' boxy cut thus appealing to my eye all the more for it, within women's it came out thick (pardon the pun) and fast.

john rocha autumn 2011

A poor pun it is, but thick may just be the the best word to describe the voluminous nature of some of the pieces. Rocha tells that his inspiration for each was the art of abstract painter Pierre Soulages - for those who don't know of Soulage's work it plays heavily with the theme of thick, black paint upon a lighter background. Striking as art, but when it comes to fashion it can be problematic. Heavy and thick pieces don't always work as they should, and while they were finished and moved with brilliance in the collection's clothing componentry, amongst the headpieces they were somewhat self defeatist with their weight tempting them to slip off with each step a model took.

Pressed wools and textured tweeds aside, John Rocha's collection wasn't all heavy. Blacks were lightened with tinseled yarns, winter whites made an appearance, furs were tanned, lace was used (though without the sexualisation we've seen from others), asymmetrical cuts had a softness to them where others have tended to stiffness for the season, and sheer dresses were used. All worked to counterbalance some of the collection's heaviest looks, but it's still hard to remember the collection for them.

All our photos of John Rocha's autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 are now online. You can view all the photos by clicking on the thumbnails in the gallery below.

Pearl jewelry is something which is unique, elegant, classic and stylish. For ages, pearls have been profoundly associated with Femininity; which can be traced in the folklores and fables. You too can effectively make use of pearl jewelry to create your unique personal style statement, provided you know how exquisite pearls are and how to wear them right.

There are two types of pearls, natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are difficult to find and definitely more expensive because they are naturally produced by oysters and mussels. On the other hand the cultured pearls are produced in controlled environment by infusing some foreign material into the oysters. When you can’t decide whether it is a natural or a cultured pearl, look at the size of the pearl since naturally occurring pearls are usually smaller than 10mm in size, while the cultured ones are usually larger.

There are different varieties of pearls such as Akoya – which are salt water pearls, Conch – produced by large sea snails, Blister – dome-shaped natural pearls and Oriental – natural salt water Pearls which come from specific areas like Persian Gulf and Red Sea.

When accessing the quality of a Pearl take into account things like brightness, color, shape and the smoothness of the surface. Often Pearls are treated to make them more white and lustrous, and these treatments can be anything from heated bleach baths to artificial dyes. When you buy your pearls from a jeweler, he will normally provide you with a certificate in which will be mentioned whether the pearls have been treated or not.

Pearls are somewhat delicate by nature, so store them in soft cloth bags and try to prevent them from coming in contact with harsh chemicals. Even the chemicals found in your cosmetics and perfumes can dull the color and shine of your pearls.

And lastly, pearls come in so many varied colors that you should not have a problem in finding pearl jewelry to match with a specific dress. However, do remember the rarer the color, the more expensive it is bound to be. Look for pearl jewelry studded in gold as it makes for a perfectly glamorous and refined style statement.

Written by Former Member

Print media loves a colourful winter collection - black pieces, though preferenced by the rest of us, simply don't photograph well - and Paul Costello has delivered them precisely that with his autumn 2011 offering at London fashion week. In a collection that puts forwards a taken on both men's and women's pieces, Costello has kept the coloured tones to winter hues and accurately worked them across a take on men's velvet.

paul costello autumn 2011

If there is one annoyance, however, it's that the men's sports coats were all sent down the catwalk with their bottom button done up - something of a faux pas in menswear.

You can see all the photos of Paul Costello's autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection, as snapped by photographer Simon Ackerman, by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Written by Tania Braukamper

When PPQ's London fashion week show opened it was easy to imagine that the designers had taken the term sex kitten somewhat literally. A comic book-esque cat ear hat sat over Pippi Longstocking plaits, a black high necked frock and high heeled feet feathered with ruffles of black lace below them both. There's a sexy sternness to PPQ's autumn 2011 offering, the kind of sexy sternness that often is reserved for empowered female comic book characters.

What then, if you're not much of a crime fighter by night?

ppq autumn 2011

Pick through the best of PPQ's collection, which comes in abundance courtesy of the whimsical details scattered throughout. From the fanned collars and cuffs to the collection's lace top over the knee boots, PPQ has largely avoided the heavily-alternative edge that London fashion week is often cited as being a bastion for, and instead offered up a collection that is statement worthy without ever sacrificing its wearability.

To see all of PPQ's autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection, click on the thumbnails below.

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