Gone are the days when people made fun of you for wearing spectacles and called you by all those funny names. Wearing spectacles has come out to be the latest fashion trends, and you can find several women wearing zero number spectacles in attractive frames to spice up their looks. So wearing spectacles does not mean that you have a sight related problem, rather it has become the latest fashion accessory.

Even as opticians can offer you the best advice on what style and what color of frame would go well on you, based on the shape of your face, we also have some guidelines that can help you in deciding which spectacle is the perfect fit for you.

The first point of consideration is how comfortable as the frame, and that can be determined by how nicely the bridge of the frame sits on your nose. If the bridge is too wide your spectacle may keep slipping down every now and then leaving you irritated. On the other hand too tight a bridge will leave depressions on the skin of your nose. If you have a short nose, settle for a bridge with sits high on your nose, and if your nose is long pickup one with a bridge that can be positioned a bit lower.

When confused about what should be the shape of the frame, go by a very basic rule which suggests that the frame should match the shape of your eyebrows. The other thing which is most vital to deciding about the shape of the spectacle frame is the face cut or the shape of the face. If you have a small face a shallow frame will suit you better, and when you have a long face structure settle for deeper frames. Those with square faces look best with frames with have heavy corners and if you’re the lucky one with an oval face you can just about pick up any shape that you like.

The last bit of advice is that whatever frame you choose, be sure that it is not obstructing your sight, especially around the corners.

Written by Tania Braukamper

Nicole Farhi's models stepped on to the London fashion week runway with slick ponytails and bold red lips - the lips being the focal point of an otherwise natural beauty look. The hair and makeup was perfectly complimentary to a collection based on clean lines and block colours. But while Farhi's pieces were minimal on the colour front, they weren't lacking in detail. Fabrics were high sheen, completely sheer, sequinned or leathery. Some tuxedo-inspired pieces were particularly wearable in a masculine-as-feminine way; while the overall highlight from Farhi's autumn / fall 2011 collection was the swishing, shimmering vision of Tao Okamoto in a floor length pleated gown.

nicole farhi autumn 2011

You can see all of Nicole Farhi's autumn (fall) / winter 2011/ 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.

Picking up the right type of lingerie is important, whether it is to perk up your sex life or simply to wear under your dress. You obviously know if it doesn’t fit you well, it’s never worth it. However, fitting is not the only criteria on which you should judge lingerie, so we have some tips for you here to assist you in picking up the right lingerie for yourself.

As we’ve mentioned, the first thing obviously is the size so when you walk into a lingerie store carry the measurement of your bust line with you. There are two places where you should measure your bust, one is right under your breasts and the other one is where your breasts are the fullest. When you have these two measurements, it will be easier for you and the store assistant to find the right cup size for you. As for the bottom line (I mean panties), you need a measurement of your waist and a measurement of your hips.

While fitting in is the prime most criteria; comfort is the second in line when you’re looking for that perfect piece of lingerie. Every woman has her own scale of judging comfort, like some want a bra to offer maximum support while others may just be looking to enhance the shape of the breasts. The choice of straps is another important point because some women find the elastic ones uncomfortable and thus would prefer lingerie with cotton straps. Even the choice of fabric is a matter of personal choice since quite a few women feel uncomfortable with synthetic yarns.

There was a time when lingerie was available mostly in white and skin shades, but today you have a wide range of colors to choose from. If you’re buying lingerie to be worn under a particular party dress, then get one which matches the color of your dress. However when you’re buying lingerie to get just a little naughty in the bedroom, then you can select based on your partners favorite color or a color that suits your skin and hair color. One set of black and one set of white lingerie must always be found in your wardrobe, as they can be used under most of your dresses.

And lastly, as for the styles you have a complete freedom to enjoy there, since nobody but you and your partner will know what you are wearing inside your clothes.

Strangely, most people still have the notion that to look sexy you need to expose more of your skin. However, baring your skin will most likely make you look sleazy or cheap, but definitely not sexy. You can look voluptuous without having to go half nude, by opting for the right make up and the right dress. There is a very fine line that separates sexy from sleazy, and you need to go cautious to avoid overstepping this line.

In terms of makeup, lips and eyes deserve maximum consideration when you wish to create that sexy appeal. Although nude lips maybe the latest rage, I seriously doubt how one can look sexy without putting on some lipstick. A deep red or maroon lipstick topped up with a little lip gloss can spice up your looks if you’re wearing an all black or an all white dress. For your eyes, neatly outline the eye lids and get some eye shadow to match with your dress. And finally don’t forget to apply some mascara to your curled up eyelashes. Defining the outer lines of your lips and eyes is most important thing to look sexy.

Moving to your clothing, it is needless to say that roadside stuff is good for casual dressing, and it’s only quality clothing that can enhance your sensuality quotient. It’s nice to wear coordinated clothes, but with some colors you cannot have them running right from your head to toe, especially colors like a red. So if you are going to wear colors like red or yellow, do remember to coordinate them with either a top or a trouser in a different color.

Quite often women believe that wearing an overly tight dress can make them look slimmer and sexier. However, tight dresses look good only on slim figures, so don’t make yourself look awkward by wearing a tight dress when you’ve got some flab here and there.

If you want to reveal a bit of your body, there’s a certain way to go about it. Like if you are going to bare your legs with a mini been try to keep your cleavage concealed, and vice versa when you want to expose a bit of your cleavage then choose a skirt which is more than knee length. The idea is to expose only a little and leave the rest to the imagination of the looker.

Like a strong concrete foundation is needed to raise a stable and strong building, similarly in facial makeup using the right shade of foundation is equally important if you want your overall makeup to look good.

The general rule is to look for a shade of foundation that can blend so well with your natural skin shade that it is difficult to differentiate. Obviously, we’re looking for a perfect match but if you can’t get one which is an absolute match, look for one which is closest to your skin complexion. Using even two shades darker or lighter than your skin shade can completely mar your overall look. The basic idea of using face foundation is to conceal flaws and make the skin tone to appear more even throughout the face.

When you want to test the color of a foundation that you are about to buy, apply a bit of it to somewhere on your jaw line to see whether it blends well with your facial skin. You can even test it on your cheeks; however don’t do the usual mistake of testing it on your wrist, because in most cases there is usually a noticeable difference in the skin shade of the face and the wrist.

I have even seen women trying to test the shade of foundation on the back of their hand, and I can guarantee you that you can never find the right shape that way. That’s because the back of the hand is generally darker than your facial skin. Now, another point that needs emphasis is that the shade should be checked ideally in bright daylight or at least a place in the store which is well lit.

Foundation makeup helps in giving your skin a smoother and more even surface by filling up the pores and absorbing the excess oil from your face skin. At the same time you’re able to achieve a uniform skin texture, skin tone and skin shade throughout your face. You can effectively use foundation to bury blemishes, pigmented skin and dark circles under the eyes, provided your choice of the shade of foundation is right.

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