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Jeisa Chiminazzo is angelic in all white for Marie Claire's March 2011 edition. Wearing 2011 fashion trends looks ultra glam as snapped by photographer Tesh - the crochet and tassels on her attire set against an aviary works exceptionally well.

Jeisa Chiminazzo crochet

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High dress splits and fabrics with cutaway elements crafted by the likes of Versace and Fendi feature in Vogue Spain's March 2011 edition. Male models Jon Kortajarena, Oriol Elcacho and Andres Velencoso accompany a smoking hot Anja Rubik around town in this sumptuous photo shoot.

Anja Rubik high split dress

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The choice of clothing has a lot to do with the physical structure of the wearer. To look classy you need to pay some attention to what dressing styles and what cut of clothes look best on your stature. Let’s have a look at whether floral prints or vertical stripes or single solid shades are what you should be wearing based on your body structure.

For people with a curvilinear or a rounded body structure tailor made dresses are the best thing to wear, because they fit you so snugly and try to hold those ugly lumps of fat in place. Also made to order clothing will make you look taller by creating a visual effect of longer legs. On the other hand, loose baggy clothing will make you look broader in shade and shorter in height.

When buying trousers and jeans, the boot-cut shape makes for the wisest choice for this body structure. As for the fabric, thinner and delicate fabric with a soft fall balances the equation, creating an illusion of a slimmer physique. A wide contrasting belt can help in making the waist look slimmer.

To enjoy the freedom of wearing any kind of clothing, one needs to be blessed with a tall and slim figure. If you’ve got that kind of stature, you can flaunt your lean figure with skinny dresses. However if you have a problem area like a longer neck or longer torso then you can make your body look more proportionate by making some adjustments to your dressing. Use horizontal stripes to make your torso seem a bit shorter, and dresses with high collars are an antidote for longer necks.

For a shorter frame buying readymade garments may not be a very satisfying experience because most of the readymade stuff comes in longer lengths and would require a lot of alteration to get the perfect fit. So it is more sensible to go in for some tailor made dresses which can give you a taller appearance. Loose fitting dresses will make you look shorter, so buy dresses only when you are completely satisfied with the fitting. Go in for dresses which have slim collars and short sleeves. Using vertical stripes will make you seem taller and slimmer. And finally, you must have a few pairs of heeled footwear, to add a few inches to your height whenever desired.

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With intense expressions, well tailored cuts and delicate silhouettes, Peppe Tortora captures Melodie Monrose for Grey's Spring Summer 2011 edition. Chunky jewellery in deep ocean blues offset against navy and black cuts. You can see this shoot in full after the jump.

Melodie Monrose

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Wearing a perfume is not just to smell good but to express your feelings, attitude and your personality. Let your perfume talk about how you’re feeling today, and for that it is important that you go highly selective about what fragrance to use and when.

Don’t buy perfumes just by looking at the price tag or the decorative bottle; rather get some perfumes that can showcase your inner personality and your attitude.

Fragrances have also been found to have a deep impact on the brains of people, for instance lavender has a calming effect, and that’s the reason why aroma therapy is so popular today. So think of ways in which you can use your perfumes to your advantage.

When you go out shopping for a perfume, be sure that you have enough time on hand because it is no quick affair. In fact, if you really want to pick up the best perfumes you might have to devote a whole day to this activity, because after sniffing a few samples the fragrance sensors in your nose will shut down and you won’t be able to judge the perfume rightly.

After testing about four to five different samples, you surely need a little breather or else what you would smell would be a blend of the perfumes you’ve already tried. And even when you feel you have found the right perfume don’t rush in to buy it, just take a coffee break and then return to check whether you are still sure about the perfume you just chose. In most cases you might feel it smells altogether different after a break.

The packing of a perfume has a lot to tell you, while the quality of the packing does speak about the quality of the perfume, the written information presented on the packing can also serve as a useful guide. The color scheme of the packaging usually indicates towards the overall tone of the fragrance.

For instance bright and multicolored packages indicate towards fruity fragrances, floral patterns in pastel colors point towards a floral fragrance, use of blue, black and dark red colors in the package is made for bold and sensuous fragrances and shades of dark brown or metallic finishes are generally used for exclusive and sophisticated scents. That’s just a general guide, and while it may be true for most perfumes you cannot guarantee it to stand true for all.

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