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Written by Tania Braukamper

Since its last run, LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) has been wrapped up, shipped off, prodded, poked, inspected, reshaped, revived and reformed... But as to how it will look when it gets to the end of the conveyor belt and the box pops open, we shall not know until next week. Looking at the program, however, there are plenty of new and potentially improved events to mark in your calendar - and so, in the lead-up to the festival, we thought we'd highlight five of the things that are catching our eye this year.

Opening the festival in unconventional style comes a new addition to the LMFF program: Fashion Full Stop. Sounding more like a Victoria's Secret spectacular than a conventional parade (only sans the Angels) Monday's opening event, accessible to the public, will be a 50 minute affair of live performances, DJs, dancers, and of course a runway show.

fashion full stop lmff

Grant Pearce, the new Festival Director, put it thus:

"This year we are taking Opening Party to the people with a celebration that thousands of fashion and music enthusiasts can enjoy. LMFF is the largest consumer fashion event in the world so it is only fitting that we kick start the Festival with an event of this scale."

After his roles at Vogue and GQ, we can only say that we're hopeful for what Pearce might deliver.

Tickets are being sold through ticketmaster.com.au.


/images/201105021654073338.jpg5 to see: Rising 5 (14.3.11)

/images/201105021654073339.jpg5 to see: ManStyle at NGV

/images/201105021654073340.jpg5 to see: Penthouse Mouse 2011

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