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Saturday, 29 January 2011 14:01

Boutique Garden fashion

Written by Ren

With the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) commencing in March, some of the event information is currently being released. The Collins234 Boutique Garden Fashion Shows will be featured on Friday, 18 March 2011 at Collins234 Boutique Place, Melbourne. The luscious Collins234 Boutique Garden are to view a series of inspiring Fashion Shows featuring Autumn/Winter 2011 Collections by the magnifique boutiques at this retail centre. Lose yourself in the Boutique Garden of style and fashion decadence at the Collins234 Boutique Garden Fashion Shows.

LMFF boutique garden show

For more information, visit www.collins234.com.au.

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Thursday, 03 March 2011 00:20

A fashion weekend cometh

Written by Daniel P Dykes

In a few short weeks the autumn / winter 2011 showings of LMFF (the L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) will kick off with a heavily revamped schedule. Finally that schedule is set to include something that this consumer orientated event has been sorely missing: consumer focussed activities (i.e. shopping).

This season the shopping comes in the guise of Fashion Weekend, an event focussed on bringing Australian labels such as Arabella Ramsay and Alpha 60 to its racks and offering them at discount. All well and good if you're in the mood for a bargain, but it still fails to solve the core problem that LMFF and every other consumer focussed fashion week I've ever attended has: it's far too difficult for those in attendance to buy the clothes they've just been tempted with on the catwalk.

lmff 2011

Fashionising.com will be bringing you the best of LMFF when it kicks off in early March.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 08:44

5 to see: Fashion Full Stop

Written by Tania Braukamper

Since its last run, LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) has been wrapped up, shipped off, prodded, poked, inspected, reshaped, revived and reformed... But as to how it will look when it gets to the end of the conveyor belt and the box pops open, we shall not know until next week. Looking at the program, however, there are plenty of new and potentially improved events to mark in your calendar - and so, in the lead-up to the festival, we thought we'd highlight five of the things that are catching our eye this year.

Opening the festival in unconventional style comes a new addition to the LMFF program: Fashion Full Stop. Sounding more like a Victoria's Secret spectacular than a conventional parade (only sans the Angels) Monday's opening event, accessible to the public, will be a 50 minute affair of live performances, DJs, dancers, and of course a runway show.

fashion full stop lmff

Grant Pearce, the new Festival Director, put it thus:

"This year we are taking Opening Party to the people with a celebration that thousands of fashion and music enthusiasts can enjoy. LMFF is the largest consumer fashion event in the world so it is only fitting that we kick start the Festival with an event of this scale."

After his roles at Vogue and GQ, we can only say that we're hopeful for what Pearce might deliver.

Tickets are being sold through ticketmaster.com.au.


/images/201105021654073338.jpg5 to see: Rising 5 (14.3.11)

/images/201105021654073339.jpg5 to see: ManStyle at NGV

/images/201105021654073340.jpg5 to see: Penthouse Mouse 2011

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Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

5 to see: ManStyle at NGV

Written by Tania Braukamper

It may seem rather odd for me, one of the fairer sex, to say so - but one of the things I'm looking forward to most on the LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) cultural program is ManStyle: an exhibition about all things menswear.

Why am I so enthused about an exhibition that's neither about nor aimed at my gender? The National Gallery of Victoria exhibition will showcase men's fashion from the eighteenth century to the present day, and in that there's an element of historical fascination that goes beyond gender. Add to that how much of an influence menswear can be on womenswear (and personally I take inspiration from menswear quite regularly) and you have me there with bells on.

Finally with menswear being generally neglected over the more attention-grabbing shoes and frocks, it's something of a coup to have a prominent cultural institution dedicate more than 8 months (March 11 - November 27, 2011) to showcasing it.

NGV manstyle
Image: National Gallery of Victoria

ManStyle at NGV is free to visit, and also stay tuned for details on special events as part of the exhibition.

/images/201105021653013259.jpg5 to see: Rising 5 (14.3.11)

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Saturday, 19 February 2011 14:56

5 to see: graduate showcase

Written by Tania Braukamper

When it comes to creativity and passion, you can't keep a good student down; and so it is that we always await with anticipation the graduate components of Melbourne's fashion weeks. At next week's LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) it's Wednesday night's National Graduate Showcase that fills the student space. With what we expect to be 12 impressive finalists and one inspiring show, this one makes our must-see list.

lmff 2011

More information and ticketing details can be found here.

/images/201105021653103264.jpg5 to see: Rising 5 (14.3.11)

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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 21:42

5 to see: Rising 5

Written by Tania Braukamper

Rounding out our series of 5 top things to see and do at LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) is Rising 5. And no we didn't just pick it because of the name. Opening to the public on March 19 at the Atrium, Federation Square, Rising 5 pairs eight influential Australian designers with Mark Ruff, one of the world's leading 3D photographers.

lmff 2011

The unique project will showcase designs by Dhini, J'Aton Couture, Ellison, Lui Hon, Richard Nylon Millinery, Nadia Napreychikov, Cami James, Madame Virtue & Co, and Metal Couture - an impressive list that certainly made us sit up and take notice. The exhibition runs until April 1, 2011.

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Friday, 29 April 2011 04:55

Penthouse Mouse launches

Written by Tania Braukamper

When Penthouse Mouse had it's official launch on Friday, we nearly got lost amoungst the vast warehouse space and racks of covetable clothing. The participating labels are too many to list and too great to single out highlights from... so instead let us say that when you're planning your LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) schedule for this week, do check out the events happening at Penthouse Mouse and be sure to include some on your list.

Penthouse Mouse '11 Launch

Visit http://www.penthousemouse.com.au/. You can also check out more photos from the launch by clicking on the gallery below.

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Sunday, 03 April 2011 00:49

Spirit of the Black Dress on the runway

Written by Tania Braukamper

It's a creative challenge I can't imagine having to put my brain to: reinventing the black dress in a way that's both unique, beautiful, and sustainable. That's the challenge 10 Australian labels had on their plate when they were accepted into the third annual Spirit of the Black Dress project, this year a part of the official LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival) programme.

At last week's gala launch at The Trust, Melbourne, we got to see the ten black dress designs on the runway. And while each was in itself stunning, the most captivating thing was how different each piece was and how uniquely each designer interpreted the challenge. From the leather dress with sheer skirting, made from recycled handbags, created by Clea Garrick and Nathan Price (Limedrop) to the modern-tribal interpretation by Alyana Eau and Prischilla Lim; from Leanne Dempsey's buttoned-up tailoring to Dan Jones' rock-star beaded mini - each is worth a close up look and an understanding of the inspirations, story and sustainable processes behind the garment. To do that, you should head down to The Trust at 405 Flinders Lane Melbourne and see the exhibition, open 12pm - 6pm daily from now until the 21st of March.

Spirit of the Black Dress Gala Launch '11

Visit http://thespiritoftheblackdress.com.au/.

Click on the gallery below to view the full runway and backstage coverage of The Spirit of the Black Dress 2011 gala launch in Melbourne.

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Written by Daniel P Dykes

Though it seems like the week leading up to it was just as busy, the Melbourne fashion festival (LMFF) kicked off in earnest last night with Fashion Full Stop, a retrospective look at the past five decades of Australian fashion. Something of a pastiche of catwalk and a music festival, if you didn't walk away with a better sense of Australian fashion you would at least have got a good glimpse of why a 60s revival with its short hems but fuller shapes is not only on the cards but much needed, why 70s fashion is back with us now, and why so much of 80s and 90s fashion should be relegated to history and left there.

fashion full stop

Courtesy of news footage from the period, it also was another fashion showing to highlight just how much impact 1960s English model Jean Shrimpton had upon modern, women's fashion; particularly in a country as distinctly conservative as this.

You can see all the photos from LMFF's Fashion Full Stop by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Be sure to keep your eye on Fashionising.com this week to keep up to date with all the best happenings from around the L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival.

/images/201105021651523198.jpgBackstage at Fashion Full Stop (14.3.11)

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 15:01

Backstage at Fashion Full Stop

Written by Daniel P Dykes

Yesterday was a rather long day for Fashionising.com's Allan Barger as it wasn't just the rehearsals and staging of LMFF's (the Melbourne fashion festival) opening function Fashion Full Stop that he got to snap, but also its backstage. For those of you appreciative of the behind-the-scenes beauty shots that fashion weeks so readily offer up to photographers, Allan has put together a small selection of the photographs he took.

tiah eckhardt melbourne

You can see all of Allan's pictures, which include shots of models Tiah Eckhardt and Simone Kerr, by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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