Style News Roundup: Faconnable, David Beckham, Abbie Cornish

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Style News Roundup Faconnable David Beckham Abbie Cornish Style News Roundup: Faconnable, David Beckham, Abbie CornishAbbie Cornish. That’s it. That’s the news roundup. All Abbie all the time. Check below for the link to a fine GQ photo gallery of the super sexy Cornish, presently kicking much butt in Zack Snyder’s big-budget Sucker Punch. Let’s see what else? Oh… stuff about soccer/fashion star David Beckham, a new collection from Façonnable and other newsy items to peruse while also looking at those hot Abbie Cornish photos in the other tab. That’s right, the Autum-Winter 2011 Façonnable collection is here. “The 2011 Façonnable Fall-Winter collection designed for men and women travels from the stylish campuses of Ivy League schools to the chic slopes of the Alps. Along the way they stop off in rugged English lodges and sleek metropolises, picking up inspiration for an impressive line-up designed to meet the sartorial needs of the modern consumer.” Yeah, that pretty much describes my fashion style….Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes gives us the inside scoop on How to Dress Like a Rockstar.What’s a busy man in need of the latest men’s fashion to do? could be the answer. [via execdigital]Big house alert: Yuri Milner, founder of Moscow-based venture firm DST, has purchased a massive home in Silicon Valley, say multiple sources. The $70 million, 25,000 square foot home, built just a few years ago, sits on a tidy 11 acres. [tech crunch] – a new website that turns your signature into a handsome cuff link.The 2011 baseball season gets underway next week, so let’s talk baseball jackets!In partnership with Arnold Palmer Enterprises, Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak, co-founders of Quagmire Golf clothing, announce the launch of Arnie, a golf and lifestyle apparel line directly inspired by the looks and fabrics worn by the golfing legend during the peak decades of his playing career.An Irish fashion survey carried out by Jacamo, the male fashion website and catalog, has revealed that David Beckham is Irish men’s top style icon. [via]Looking good, Abbie Cornish.
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